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Welcome to DOA (Dead on Arrival)!

Guild Master: Empathica (alt); Eigor (alt); MeesterVal (main)
Guild Officers: Rayel; Meseman; ColonelKurtz; Elementevil; Holderick; Trabell
PVP Officers: Cloverland (lead)

We are an established two year old adult operated guild, and are here to provide a fun and social environment for your leveling and PVP experiences.

There are a few simple rules we live by, and we fully expect everyone to abide by them:

Have fun!
Respect each other in-guild and out-guild!
If you take from the bank, you are expected to put useful items back in.
Members who are inactive for two months will be removed (if you know you will be offline for longer than this, speak to an officer and we can defer you).
Feel free to criticize the guild, but please do so in a constructive way so we can help to make it better for you.

Come join. Stay for a while.
Guild News
Other Guild News

Guild Events

MeesterVal, Jul 11, 10 12:52 AM.
Thanks to all for making our guild events so great! Yesterday's guild photo went much better than expected, and even better than our previous attempt with more members who were included in it. Let's continue to make these events fun for all!

On the calender for the remainder of July:

Hogger Raid
Everyone is to create a level 1 human to meet at Stormwind. We will then march through Elwynn Forest to meet the mighty Hogger to have our way with him!

Worst Gear Score Competition
Now is your chance to impress each other with the worst gear you can find! BOA's and vender items are not allowed and all appropriate slots must be used. This competition is open to all toons level 19 and up. The winner will receive 150g, so get out there and gear up (or down)!

Coming Soon
Ideas from guild members for future guild events will result in a guild vote. Whoever has the winning vote will be gifted with something fabulous. Put on that creative mind and start thinking of ideas!

New Guild Officers and New Guild Features

MeesterVal, Jun 19, 10 6:37 PM.
I'd like to excitedly introduce our new PVP officers: Deathreaper, and his assistant, Cloverland. They've helped to expand PVP in the guild and we now have a foundation to begin our own Arena and DOA QQ objectives. The superb leadership of these two members are sure to push us to the next level of PVP in DOA.

Saturday June 26 begins our trial of our very own Arena Tournament.
Monday June 28 begins the introduction of DOA's first guild premades.

In addition to this, we had our first successful world PVP run, and began with controlling Halaa. Great work, guys! Let's make this the beginning of a long line of successive horde stomping :) Please contact Deathreaper for more information concerning our PVP plans.

Leveling in DOA:
I would also like to introduce our new GR/PR officer, Elementevil. Her efforts have brought the DOA name to the server with many new recruits. Welcome new members :) We are currently working on some guild events to help make the guild more fun. Coming soon: ninja and pirate day!

Raiding in DOA:
We have decided not to recruit for raiding for a few important reasons. The primary reason is that we have no one in the guild who is ideal to raid lead at this time. Pushing raiding in the guild without an appropriate raid leader will ultimately lead to a poor experience for everyone. As a guild, we'd like to only offer successes because this is how we build our server reputation and help to ground our members to DOA. It's also the best way to make the game fun :) Secondly, I feel it is quite difficult to blend too many elements into the guild at this time. With our new PVP recruitment and our leveling recruitment, adding much more will overload the guild with too much to do and not enough active membership to support it. This only adds to the frustrations we'll all feel in the long-run. Not fun!
--Does this mean we won't raid? The answer is a simple NO. Those who wish to raid have been grouping with each other and joining pug groups. While this is not an ideal situation, I do expect this type of raiding to become less and less frequent as our membership grows.
--No one can lead a raid in the guild? This answer is also a NO. Not having a raid leader means that we do not have a specific person in mind who is capable of leading many different types of raids and who has the ability to help less experienced members learn. DOA will be hosting many raids for levels 60-80, but given our limitations in the area, we will not be running everything at this time, nor will our guild raiding many times a week; we are not a hardcore raiding guild.
--I'm pretty sure I can raid lead. Can I be DOA's official raid leader? If you are interested, please speak with the GM for more detailed information on what he wants for the guild at this time.

New Bank and Promotional Functions:
I've decided on a new bank and promotional structure for us (finally!). With respect to our new officers and PVP recruits, the new system will follow:

Tab 6: officer
Tab 5: companion
Tab 4: pvp
Tab 3: leveling 61-80
Tab 2: leveling 41-60
Tab 1: leveling 19-40

To make this more clear, let me explain each rank in detail in ascending order and how it relates to bank usage:

Noob: this is a rank that is short-lived. It is the default rank that all new recruits come into the guild with. This rank allows no bank withdraws.
Leveling: these ranks are the same as the old ones, but with a higher level count. As you level, you will be promoted into using the next bank tab and only that bank tab.
PVP: this tab is used only by our PVP members.
Compainion: if you have shown active positive guild involvement, you may be promoted to this rank. This rank allows for the guild officers to assess if you are officer worthy by granting you more elastic guild involvement. If you achieve this rank, you can guild invite, and also use the guild calender to plan guild events or to make guild announcements. This rank is allowed to use officer chat and have withdraw ability to all bank tabs except the officer's tab.

Power to the People

MeesterVal, Jun 4, 10 5:34 PM.
I'm excited to see the positive growth that has taken place in DOA the past few weeks. It's been a lot of fun! As GM it's important to listen to the guild and observe what it wants and to help provide it. So, here are a few things that DOA is currently working on to enhance the quality of the guild, and to hopefully push it to new limits:

PVP team(s).
Progression raid team(s).
Ventrilo server.
Restructured guild bank.
New promotional system.

The immediate goal for DOA is to have each of these things either initiated or completed within the next five days. The long-term goal, of course, is to create a viable and outstanding guild, with each new addition being awesome :) Thank you team DOA! Let's push it!

Guild Gearing and Other Fun Things

MeesterVal, May 5, 10 11:12 PM.
In the coming days there will be a stronger focus on gearing up lower levels, as well as providing fun things to make us stand out. Check calender events for specific days and times. Here is a brief description of what we are doing that is new to DOA, or improved:

Guild runs. Each officer will be providing guild runs through dungeons for different level groups for our members. This will be a weekly and ongoing event. In the event that too many sign up for them, members will be rotated. If no one signs up, they will still be ran, but pugged. Full groups will also be in progress for these.

Biweekly raids. Given the interest of the guild for more raiding, we will be hosting a random raid every two weeks. While these are simply for fun and not wholly intended as progressions for level 80's, they can be used for achievements, gearing your alts, gathering mats for professions, or for simple fun! More info to come.

World bosses. These are simple and easy bosses we can down with three 80's. The loot drops are for level 60's, and they also drop rather rare and hard to find items (orb of deception, for example). In the event that some of these drop, we will be providing a raffle for DOA members. Anyone online during this event is ellegable to to raffle for a modest fee of NOTHING.
Server Status
Thaurissan (PvP)
DOA recruits ANY members who meet the following criteria:

They are above level 18
They are not a Death Knight under level 65

These rules are designed to limit the number of members who are not committed to playing their character.
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